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Besides/Including the projects mentioned above, I have contributed to XFS, VM Readahead, Xen, drivers, and other areas of Linux kernel, Qemu/KVM, util-linux, mplayer2, tmux, pentadactyl, vim (core and plugins), Percona Server and related software, perf-events, getmail, Xail (my own window manager), mpd, mutt, weechat, xmobar, ncmpcpp, mutt-kz, org-mode among other things. Also, worked on projects like BFS CPU scheduler, lrzip, XMonad.

On repositories: Contact me if you need any info on any codebases I am working on. The git repos are pretty much self-descriptory. Also, regarding the branches, I am currently following a two-pronged convention. If there is a upstream branch, then master branch is one where I push my changes, but if there is no upstream branch, then look for a branch with ‘rprabhu’ where I will be pushing my changes regularly. I may think of syncing this with github in future if there is a convenient way to do so.